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The Breakfast Catering Company has two awesome food trucks to accommodate your schedule and catering needs onsite.  Please inquire below to see if The Breakfast Food Truck can attend your next event.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does it cost to book The Breakfast Food Truck for a public or private event? 

A: For most food truck events we ask for a minimum of $500 in sales.  We do not require a deposit.

Q: Why the sales guarantee?

A: When The Breakfast Food Truck attends an event we promote your event via social media, paid advertisement, printed materials and placement on our website & we fully staff our mobile food unit so your friends and colleagues are served in a timely, professional manner.   In order to keep up this high quality of service we only ask for sales of up to $500 for up to 4 hours of service.

Q: How much does it cost to hire The Breakfast Food Truck for a catering? 

A: We will cater from The Breakfast Food Truck for a minimum order of only $400.

Q: What's the difference between a catered event and a public/private event?

A: For Catered events food costs are paid for by the organizer.  For Public/Private events customers pay for themselves.

Q:How much advance notice is required to book The Breakfast Food Truck?

A:We require 48 hours advanced noticed for no additional rush fee's.  When booking within that 48 hour period we add a rush fee of $100 to the total bill.

Q: Do you provide your own power? 

A: Yes, we provide our own power and have a cord we can use to connect to most outlets if necessary.

Q: Is your generator loud?

A: No we have a silent generator (near silent).

Q: Can you serve large parties of 100 or more?

A: Yes, our big food truck has the capability of handling up to 500 guests in 2 hours alone.

The Breakfast Food Truck Menu